Today I did my first track race. Probably the last time I did a track race was my sports day at school. I am used to running long distances. So here I was 36 years old, mother of two stepping foot on the track with a pair of track spikes for the first time with many others a lot younger. As soon as I put my spikes on I felt like I was wearing a pair of slippers and felt very fast. My mouth was dry and I was very nervous.

When the race started l was on the outside lane and stayed there stupidly for 300m. This resulted in me running over a mile! First Iesson…stick to the inside lane! I was in the lead up until 400m but then slowed and slowed to finish my mile in 5.19 but obviously as I ran over a mile the finish time was 5.32. My chest felt very tight at the end and it was a whole new experience but one I will be repeating and although I never had the confidence as a youngster to do these races I am trying to make up for it now.

Hopefully this will inspire others to try something new for the first time.