Which running buggy is right for me?

Running buggies have become an essential part of training since I became a mum 7 years ago. I have owned 5 different buggies which have met different needs at different times.

First of all, why not just run with a normal buggy? If you have ever tried this for any length of time you will know that it is uncomfortable and will probably give you backache. A specialised running buggy has the following advantages:

- Smoother ride for your child
- Handles positioned to keep your body in the correct place
- Hand brakes to stop suddenly
- Larger pneumatic wheels for less rolling resistance

There are more and more running buggies on the market now than 7 years ago… you have to decide what surface you will be running on. I also used to run with a double buggy. It's hard work but it gets you out the house in the fresh air and training. Most of the time my kids slept. As they grew we would run, play in the park and run home.
They would see nature, they would use their imagination to play rather than just sit in front of a tv. lt's very isolating at times as a new mother and getting out and about does a huge amount of good and if mum feels good baby does too.

I learnt that the most important person in your life is you…if there is no you, who will look after the kids?

I used to run and breastfeed too….everything is possible if you want it to be. I would run….stop, feed my baby and then run again. They were really special times!