Keep blogging on…

This morning I was feeling a bit low. Then l received a card from a year 3 primary school class who l went to speak to about running a few weeks ago. They wrote some lovely notes to me saying how much they enjoyed my session and how I inspired them and they wished I could do it again. Our minds are extremely powerful and I find it amazing we can tell ourselves how we are not good at something. As a competitive athlete I always strive to be better and do better. It’s always nice to hear someone say something nice to you and usually that doesn’t happen.

I also took a Pramstriders fitness class with mums and a mum to be, which is always very rewarding. My little girl is at school but my little boy joined me.

My next goal is a mile track race on Saturday. I’ve not raced on a track since I was at school and I have never raced in track spikes…but let’s see how it goes.