Starting a New Fitness Regime

You might be thinking ‘I need to get fit for the New Year". If you are starting out on a new fitness regime you might be worried and feel too unfit to start or you might start and overdo it. Remember these things:

I. The start is always the hardest part, keep going it will get easier.

2. Your brain is more powerful than your body. Your brain will tell you not to do a workout or talk you out of it. Your default mode is to conserve energy you feel too tired so it's easier not to do anything. Actually going out in the fresh air will boost your mood and your energy. Exercise is the best mood booster and its natural!

3. Think about how much you have achieved, praise yourself and reward yourself for exercising, not with food but think about how good you will feel at the end and think about why you are really doing it. To live a healthier life, to be a good example to your children, to get faster, fitter. Make small achievable goals.

4. Do not compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself. See how far you have come over a week, month. Compete with yourself.

5. If you do have a bad day or week do not let that put you off your goals. You can get back in to it. Even l have off weeks or bad days and you have to keep looking at the bigger picture and listen to your body.