New Year

Happy New Year… my focus this year is on happy! Yes really focus on happy! What makes you happy? What makes me happy? It's hard for me to truly answer that right now as the last few years my happiness has been
thrown by sadness…sadness at losing my Mother and watching her bravely lose her fight to cancer. Sadness in my personal life… stuff l don't need to go into because why open wounds up. We all go through life events and we all
deal with them in our own way. For me running is what defines me…does it make me happy…yes…

This time last year l thought to myself…what on earth can I blog about…who wants to read about me! I was racing well… I thought I was coping with life really well. Fast forward a year and boy have I grown and learnt as a person. A few harsh realities...watching someone you love die… looking after yourself plus two young children…no one else to rely on.

Ok now I know blogging is if anything a tool for me to help myself. If no one reads it that's ok. It may help someone but most of all I will do a blog from now on because I love writing…l always have and I need to stop holding everything in…my stress bucket needs emptying and so my question from last year is answered! It's funny how the universe works and does answer you and help you. I believe I have grown as a personal trainer too…l can see how damaging mental health can be. I can see how stressed out everyone is getting. Going to the gym can also be stressful seeing everyone else and comparing yourself…constantly bombarded with Facebook feeds of everyone getting fitter! JUST STOP l want to shout….you are doing the best you can for you. Go outside in the fresh air… Walk, run, dance do what makes you feel good….for 5 minutes 10 minutes….l promise it will help.