Strength & Conditioning


This is an effective fun exercise class for mothers and anyone else who wants to improve their core strength.

I'm a mother of two, a competitive runner and have qualified in pre and post natal exercise training.

The classes are varied and will help to boost your energy and confidence by doing something for yourself and your baby.

The aim is to strengthen areas of the body weakened by pregnancy, making you stronger and fitter! If you complete six classes you should notice the results and you are more likely to stick to a new exercise regime.

Older children are welcome to run around or join in. My children regularly take part.


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Do l need to be fit?
There is no required level of fitness. You are coming to the class to get fitter. Even the fittest person can still get fitter, stronger and faster!

If you are worried about an exercise during the class l can offer alternatives. If you need to stop at any time you are free to do so. You get out of the classes what you put in to them.

What do l need to bring with me?
Wear your usual clothes for a work out. Be comfortable and wear trainers. You might want to bring some water and a mat.

What sort of age group is welcome and is it for men and women?
All ages are welcome and both men and women can join in all classes, children and babies are also welcome.

What if my baby cries in the class?
Good, that's what babies do and all babies are welcome. If you need to stop to feed your baby that is fine too. I took my son to his first class the day after he was born! l fed him during the classes. Do what you need to do to keep your child and yourself happy!